Fossil Sharks of the
Pico Formation

When Los Angeles was underwater.
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About The Pico Formation

Sharkteeth in the Santa Susana Mountains

Los Angeles has a rich fossil history right in our own backyard, and high atop the Pico Formation (a ~2 million year old stratigraphic unit) you can pluck shark (and other vertebrate!) teeth right out of the mountainside. Fun thought experiment: Why (and how!?) are there sharkteeth in the top of a mountain?

In this photo, Natural History Museum paleontologist Lindsay Walker takes a data sample on a recent field dig working alongside the Southern California Paleontological Society to establish the biodiveristy of L.A's fossil record during the Pliocene.

Fossil dig in the Pico Formation

Sharkteeth from the Mountainside

Shark Taxa from SoCal's Pliocene